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OCTOBER 25, 2012

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EPITHET                                    GIVEN TO


Bengal’s Sorrow                                 Damodar River                 

Blue Mountains                                   Nilgiri Hills       


Britain of the South                            New Zealand      


City of Golden Temple                       Amritsar, India


City of Palaces                                     Calcutta, India   


City of Skyscrapers                            New York


City of Dreaming Spires                    Oxford, England


City of Golden Gate                            San Francisco


City of Seven Hills                               Rome, Italy         


City of Magnificent Distances          Washington D.C.

Cockpit of Europe                                Belgium


China’s Sorrow                                     Hawang Ho River


Dark Continent                                      Africa


Emerald Island                                       Ireland 


Empire City                                             New York


Eternal City                                              Rome, Italy         


Forbidden City                                        Lhasa, Tibet


Garden City of India                               Bangalore


Gateway of India                                     Mumbai


Gift of Nile                                                 Egypt                                    


Holy Land                                                 Palestine


Hermit Kingdom                                      Korea


Island Continent                                      Australia


Island of Pearls                                        Bahrain


Island of Cloves                                       Madagascar


Key to the Gibraltar                                 Mediterranean


Land of Golden Fleece                           Australia


Land of Kangaroo                                    Australia


Land of Golden Pagoda                         Burma (Myanmar)           


Land of Lilies                                             Canada


Land of Maple                                            Canada


Land of Thousand Lakes                        Finland


Land of Morning Calm                              Korea   


Land of Midnight Sun                               Norway


Land of Five Rivers                                   Punjab, India      


Land of White Elephant                           Thailand


Land of Thunderbolt                                 Bhutan


Never, Never Land                                      Prairies, N.Australia        


Pearl of Antilles                                           Cuba


Pillars of Hercules                                      Strait of Gibraltar


Pink City                                                        Jaipur, India


Playground of Europe                               Switzerland


Queen of the Arabian Sea                         Cochin, India      


Roof of the World                                        Pamirs, Central Asia


Pink City                                                        Jaipur  


Sorrow of China                                           River Hwang Ho


Spice Garden of India                                 Kerala


Sick Man of Europe                                     Turkey                                 


Sugar Bowl of the World                            Cuba     


Venice of the East                                         Cochin, India      


Windy city                                                        Chicago, U.S.A.


Venice of the North                                        Stockholm, Sweden


World’s Loneliest Island                                Tristan da Cunha


World’s Bread Basket                                     Prairies of N. America


Sorrow of Bihar                                                Kosi


Dakshin Ganga                                                 Godavari                             


The Land of Kangaroo                                    Australia             


Diamond Harbour                                            Calcutta


Playground of Europe                                     Switzerland



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