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NOVEMBER 13, 2014

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TITLE                                                 AUTHOR


The Namo Story                                           Kingshuk Nag


The Race of My Life                                     Milkha Singh


Half Girlfriend                                                Chetan Bhagat


The Test of My Life                                       Yuvraj Singh


SD Burman: The World of His Music       Khagesh Dev Burman


The Lowland                                                  Jhumpa Lahiri


An Uncertain Glory: Indian and  its Contradictions

                                                                            Amartya Sen, Jean Dreze


The Garden of Evening Mists                    Tan Twan Eng


City of Bohane                                               Kevin Johnson


The Orphan Master’s Son                           Adam Johnson


China’s Travel Attractions                           Zhao Jiang


Lean in: Women Work, and The Will to Lead     

                                                                          Sheryl Sandberg, Nell Scovell


Breakpoint                                                      Leff Stibel


The Story of My Assassins                        Tarun Tejpal


Casual Vacancy                                             J.K. Rowling


Sweeth Tooth                                                  Ian Mcewan


Back to Blood                                                 Tom Wolfe


Flight Behavior                                                Barbara Kingsolver


The Malice of Fortune                                    Michael Enins


In the Shadow of the Banyan                      Vaddey Ratner


The Miseducation of Cameron post           Emily Danforth


Great Degeneration                                         Niall Ferguson


Unbreakable                                                      Mary C Kom


To Sell is Human                                               Daniel Pink


Ninja Innovation                                               Gary Shapiro


Power of Habit                                                  Dharles Duhigg


Antifragile                                                           Nassim Nicholas Taleb


Strength-Based Leadership                         Tom Rath, Barry Conchie


Steve Jobs – A Lifestory                                Walter Isaacson


Until the End of Time                                       Danielle Steel


Suspect                                                               Robert Crais


Inferno                                                                 Dan Brown


And the Mountains Echoed                           Khaled Hosseini


Insane city                                                          Dave  Barry


The Racketeer                                                   John Grisham


The Third Bullet                                                Stephen Hunter


The Forgotten                                                    David Baldacci


Winter of the World                                           Ken Follett


Killing Kennedy                                                 Bill O’Reilly, Martin Dugard


My Beloved World                                             Sonia Sotomayor


No Easy Day                                                        Mark Owen, Kevin Maurer


World Until Yesterday                                        Ared Diamond


Behind the Beautiful Forevers                        Katherine Boo


Why Nations Fail                                                 Daron  Acemoglu, James A. Robinson


American Sniper                                                  Chris Kyle, Scott Mcewen, Jim Defelice


Killing Lincoln                                                      Bill O’Reilly, Martin Dugard


Great Deformation                                               David Stockman


Way of the Knife                                                   Mark Mazzetti


Unbroken                                                               Laura Hillenbrand


Girls of Atomic City                                              Dinise Kiernan


Dirty Wars                                                               Leremy Scahill


The New Digital Age                                            Eric Schmidt,  Jared Cohen


Meena Kumari: The Classic Biography         Vinod Mehta


Punjab                                                                    Rajmohan Gandhi


The Kill Room                                                       Leffrey Deaver


House of Cards                                                    Sudha Murthy


The Billionaire’s Apprentice                              Anita Raghavan


Born to Run                                                           Christopher Mcdougall


Finding Your Element                                          Lou Aronica, Ken Robinson


Boomtown                                                              Aditya Mukherjee


The Maruti Story: How a Public Sector Company Put India on Wheels   

                                                                                 Seetha R.C. Bhargava


Maharani                                                                 Ruskin Bond


Karna’s wife - The Outcast’s Queen                 Kavita Kan


The Bikini Murders                                               Farukh Dhondy


The Blood of Gods                                               Conn Iggulden


Labyrinth                                                                 Udayan Mukherjee



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