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OCTOBER 25, 2012

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A +                                         Excellent (Pronounced A Plus)

AAA                                       Asian Athletics Association

AAA+                                     Bond with the highest safety (Triple A Plus)


AAFI                                      Amateur Athletics Federation of India


AC                                          Ashok Chakra, Air Conditioner

ACC                                       Associated Cement Companies

ADB                                        Asian Development Bank

AHF                                         Asian Hockey Federation

AFI                                           Athletics Federation of India

AFMC                                      Armed Forces Medical College

AI                                             Artifical Intelligence, Air India

AIADMK                                 All India Dravid Muntetra Kazhgam

AICTE                                     All India Council for Technical Education

AIIMS                                      All India Institute of Medical Science

AITUC                                      All India Trade Union Congress

a k a                                         also known as

ALGOL                                    Algebric Oriented Language

AM                                          Ante Meridiem (before Noon), Amplitude Modulation             

app                                          Application (especially for Android tablet)

AP                                           Associate Press, Arithmetic Progression

APEC                                     Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

APMC                                    Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee


APR                                        Annual Percentage Return


ARPU                                     Average Revenue Per User


ASCI                                       Advertising Standards Council of India


ASCII                                      American Standard Code for Informa­tion Interchange


ASEAN                                  Association of South East Asian Na­tions


ASLV                                      Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle


AT & T                                     American Telegraphic and Telephone Co. Ltd.

ATC                                         Air Traffic Control


AITUC                                    All India Trade Union Congress


ATM                                        Automated Teller Machine


ATS                                        Anti Terrorism Squad

AVSM                                    Ati Vishisht Seva Medal

B2B                                      Busines to Business

B2C                                      Business to Consumer

BARC                                   Bhabha Atomic Research Centre


BA                                         Bachelor of Arts

BBA                                     Bachelor of Business Administartion

BBC                                     British Broadcasting Corporation

BBS                                     Bulletin Board Service


BC                                       Before Christ


BCCI                                   Board of Control For Cricket in India


BFA                                     Bachelor of Fine Arts


BHEL                                  Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd


BEL                                     Bharat Electronics Limited


BIOS                                    Basic Input Output System


BIT                                       Binary Digit

BOLT                                  Build -Operate- Lease-Transfer, BSE Online Trading System

BPL                                     Below Poverty Line, British Physical Laboratories

BPO                                   Business Process Outsourcing

BPR                                   Business Process Re-engineering

bps                                      bytes per second

BSE                                    Bombay Stock Exchange

BSF                                    Border Security Force

BSNL                                  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

C2C                                    Consumer to Consumer

CA                                       Chartered Accountant

CACP                                 Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices

CAPART                             Council for Advancement of People’s Action in Rural Technology

CAD                                    Com­puter Aided Designing

CADD                                 Computer Aided Designing and Drafting


CAG                                    Comptroller and Auditor-General of India

CAM                                    Computer Aided Management

CAT                                      Common Admis­sion Test, Computerized Axial Tomography


CCE                                     Continuing Comprehensive Evaluation


CBI                                       Central Bureau of Investigation


CBSE                                  Central Board of Secondary Education


CC                                       Carbon Copy


CCA                                    City Compensatory Allowance


CCI                                       Competition Commission of India

CCMB                                 Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology


CDFD                                  Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics                                                          


CD                                        Compact Disc

C-DAC                                 Centre for Development of Ad­vanced Computing

C-DOT                                  Centre for Development of Telematics


CDMA                                   Code Division Multiple Access


CEO                                      Chief Executive Officer

CERN                                    European Centre For Nuclear Research


C & F                                     Carrying and Forwarding Agency


CFA                                       Certified Financial Analyst


CFC                                       Chloro Fluoro Carbons


CFP                                       Certified Financial Planner


CFSI                                      Children’s Film Society of India

CBFC                                    Central Board for Film Certification (a k a Censor Board)

CFSL                                     Central Forensic Science Laboratory


CGI                                         Common Gateway Interface


CIA                                         Central Intelligence Agency


CID                                         Criminal Investigation Department

CITU                                       Centre of Indian Trade Unions


CNN                                        Cable News Network


COMSAT                                Communications Satellite Corporation


COPRA                                  Consumer Protection Act

CPM                                        Critical Path Method

CPI (M)                                    Communist Party of India / Marxist

CPU                                         Central Processing Unit


CPWD                                   Central Public Works Department


CRIS                                      Centre for Railway Information System


CSIR                                      Council of Scientific and Industrial Research


CTBT                                      Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty


CWC                                      Congress Working Committee


CYMK                                     Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Kinda


D.Litt.                                      Doctor of Literature

D.Phil.                                     Doctor of Philosophy

D.Sc.                                       Doctor of Science


DC                                           Direct Current, Deputy Commissioner


DIG                                          Deputy Inspector General

DMA                                         Direct Memory Access, Directing Marketing Associate

DMK                                         Dravida Munetra Kazhagam


DNA                                         Deoxyribo-nucleic Acid

DTP                                          Desktop Publishing


DCB                                         Development Credit Bank


DVC                                         Damodar Valley Corporation


DVD                                         Digital Versatile Disc / Digital Video Disc


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