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DECEMBER 18, 2012

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The following table represents the Order of Precedence to be followed at official functions organized by the Union and State governments. The order gives an idea of the relative importance attached to various dignitaries while dealing with the matters of official protocol.



      2. Vice-President


      3. Prime Minister

       4. Governors of States (within respec­tive States)


       5. Former Presidents


       6. Deputy Prime Minister


       7. Chief Justice of India; Speaker of Lok Sabha


        8. Cabinet Ministers of the Union; Chief Ministers of States (within their


        States); Deputy    Chairman, Planning Commission; Former Prime Ministers; Leaders of

       Opposition in Rajya  Sabha and Lok Sabha


        9. Holders of Bharat Ratna decoration


        10. Ambassadors Extraordinary and Pleni­potentiary and High Commissioners of

        Commonwealth countries accredited to India, Chief Ministers of States (outside their

        respective States); Governors of States (outside their respective States)


      11. Judges of Supreme Court


      12. Chief Election Commissioner; Comp­troller & Auditor General of India


      13. Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha; Deputy Chief Ministers of States; Deputy Speaker,  

       Lok Sabha;  Members of the Planning Commission; Ministers of State of the Union and

       any other Minister in the Ministry of Defence


       14. Attorney General of India; Cabinet Secretary; Lieutenant Governors (within their

       respective Union Territories)


        15. Chiefs of Staff holding the rank of full General or equivalent rank


        16. Envoys Extraordinary and Ministers Plenipotentiary accredited to India.


         17. Chairmen and Speakers of State Legislatures within their respective States; Chief

         Justices of High Courts within their respective jurisdictions.


        18. Cabinet Ministers in States within their respective States; Chief Ministers of Union 

        Territories and Chief Executive Councilor, Delhi, within their respect Union Territories; 

        Deputy Minister of the Union.





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