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Royal Pardon For Alan Turing, Father of Modern Computers

DECEMBER 24, 2013

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Legendary mathematician Alan Turing, who had helped Britain win World War II by cracking Germany's "unbreakable" Enigma code, has been granted a royal pardon in the case of his conviction for homosexuality. An embarassed Turing had committed suicide after he was convicted







Turing's machine unravelled the code used by German U-boats in the Atlantic. Turing and his team also developed Colossus, one of the first programmable computers.His work was praised for shortening the war. However, he was removed from his job and castrated with female hormone injections after being convicted of having sex with a man. Remarkably, homosexual sex was illegal in Britain until 1967. Turing killed himself in 1954, aged 41, with cyanide.






The latest pardon from Queen Elizabeth would come into effect immediately and is a befiting tribute to an exceptional man with a brilliant mind.


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