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Conjoint Twins Saba-Farah To Get Free Medicare Re 5000 PM Allowance

APRIL 10, 2013

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17-year-old conjoined twins Saba and Farah have welcomed the Supreme Court ruling ordering the state government to grant the family Rs.5,000 per month for maintenance apart from providing them free medical care from the government treasury.


The court direction comes on a Public Interest Litigation filed by Aarushi, a law student. In fact, the PIL had requested for permission for euthanasia (mercy killing) as the two could never hope to lead a normal life. The court has directed the state government to arrange the best medical attention for the duo and asked the Patna civil surgeon to ensure regular check-ups. Although the twins have distinct brains and are neurologically and psychologically normal, only one of them has kidneys. The other one lacks both the kidneys.

A surgery to separate the two would be quite risky and the Court has ruled it out. The American neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson had agreed to perform the risky operation, with assistance from Indian doctors. Carson had warned that post-surgery, only one sister might survive. Doctors have also said that surgical separation might mean a series of surgeries, since one operation might not suffice.


The apex court has directed doctors, including those from the AIIMS, to give their opinion on the scope of surgery in this case.


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