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Clinton's Re. 1.1 Cr "Bhaashan" Earns Her Ration

FEBRUARY 22, 2013

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Post resignation, Hillary Clinton has joined the public speaking circuit and will charge a mindboggling $ 200,000 (Re. 1.1 Crore) per appearance, an amount bigger than her annual salary as US Secretary of State.


The fee marks a hefty raise for Clinton, who made $ 186,000 p.a. as secretary of state before stepping down. She will be represented by Harry Walker agency, which also represents her husband Bill Clinton, the former US President.


Clinton had given 471 paid speeches during his 11 years as a private citizen and earned @ 1,89,000 per event - joining the speaking industry's coveted circle of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin.


Clinton, however, will give some speeches free of charge, particularly for the charities and the causes she supports. She will also be involved in some non-profit work.


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