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Monster Snow Blizzard Hits US; Cities On Alert, Flights Cancelled

FEBRUARY 09, 2013

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A massive blizzard has approached the North-east in the USA, forcing people to stock up on food and supplies before it dumps up to a metre of snow from New York to Boston and beyond. Around 2.5 Cr people live in the region as of now.


Meanwhile, the airlines have cancelled 4,300 + flights in view of the impending snow blizzard and millions of tons of salt and shovelling equipment have been put on the stand-by in preparation for the calamity.



The heaviest snowfall is expected today when the wind gusts could touch 121 km/ hr. It has also led to fears of power failures and flooding in coastal areas, which are still recovering from Superstorm Sandy in October.


Boston could end up getting a metre of snow, while New York City may expect up to 30 cm.


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