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MIT Leads Global Univ List; IITs Figure At 214th Place

DECEMBER 14, 2012

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has topped the QS World University Rankings for 2012. Six out of top 10 universities are from the USA while the survey shows a trend of tech focused universities on an upward trajectory globally.





University Rankings

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

University of Cambridge, UK

Harvard University, USA

University College London, UK

University of Oxford, UK

Imperial College London, UK

Yale University, USA

University of Chicago, USA

Princeton University, USA

California Institute of Technology, USA




The Universities of Cambridge, UK and Harvard, USA are placed second and third, respectively, followed by University College London and Imperial College London.





The topmost representation from India is the seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) ranked from 212 onwards, "but the top university is Delhi University at 441. Contrarily, China has got in the top 200. IIT Delhi is ranked 212, IIT Bombay 227, IIT Kanpur 278, and IIT Madras 312.






The QS Best Student Cities Rankings declare Paris to be the world's best city for a student. The others on the list are Boston (#2), London (#3), Melbourne (#4) and Vienna (#5).


Best Student Cities Rankings

1 Paris, France

2 London,  United Kingdom



3 Boston,  United States

4 Melbourne,  Australia

5 Vienna,  Austria

6 Sydney,  Australia

7 Zurich,  Switzerland

8 Berlin,  Germany

9 Dublin,  Ireland

10 Montreal,   Canada



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