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Mounting Trouble: Delhi Bans Maggi

JUNE 03, 2015

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Mounting Trouble: Delhi Bans Maggi

Mounting Trouble: Delhi Bans Maggi

Amid reports of excess lead and MSG, the Delhi government has banned the sales of Maggi noodles for 15 days. A fresh decision will be taken after 15 days, after rechecking the new Maggi stocks in government labs. Ten out of the 13 samples tested in Delhi for lead content had lead amounts and MSG higher than the permissible limits.

Many superstore and retail chains like the Future Group have stopped selling Maggi due to consumer sentiment and health concerns. Such retail outlets contribute a large chunk of sales for FMCG firm. The ban will in Delhi cover all Delhi government stores including Kendriya Bhandar.Meanwhile, the FDA authority has asked the states to carry out tests on Maggi noodles. The West Bengal government has also sent the samples for testing. Till date, at least 10 Indian states have either ordered the withdrawal of Maggi noodles or testing of noodle samples, prior to taking action against Nestle India. State governments from Delhi to Kerala, and from Tamil Nadu to Haryana, Maharashtra and West Bengal, have deployed officials to randomly collect Maggi samples of different batches and dates for testing its safety.


The Maggi sales have plunged sharply across India after the reports. The brand which is synonymous with noodles in India, has seen a severe dent in its popularity and image. Maggi, which clocks around Rs 1500 crore annually, contributes a significant portion to Nestle's total business in India. Maggi, the two-minute gastronomical delight of children, flew off the shelves for the wrong reason on Tuesday.


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