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Govt Launches Khoyapaaya.com For Missing Children

JUNE 01, 2015

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Govt Launches Khoyapaaya.com For Missing Children

Govt Launches Khoyapaaya.com For Missing Children

To trace missing children, the government will on June 2 roll out a web platform to directly report, track and upload information on missing children. The unique web portal will be launched by the Women and Child Development Ministry to serve as a platform for reporting missing children and tracking their recovery.



The website khoyapaya.gov.in will answer all queries on the action to be taken when a child goes missing. The website will have three sections, ‘My child is missing’, ‘I have sighted a child’ and ‘Search a missing child’. The website will also provide links to the court orders wherein the police have been asked to register an FIR for a missing achildnd treat it as either abduction or trafficking unless proved otherwise in the investigation.

As per a report by Alliance for People’s Rights, a non-governmental organisation, on an average, 18 children go missing in the national capital daily, of which four are never traced.


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