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Robbers Dig Tunnel To Loot PNB Strong Room

OCTOBER 28, 2014

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Robbers Dig Tunnel To Loot PNB Strong Room

In typical Hollywood-style action, some robbers in Haryana made a 125-feet long tunnel to break into a Punjab National Bank strong room and loot cash and valuables worth several crores of rupees in Gohana. The 2.5 feet-wide tunnel was dug from an abandoned building close to the PNB branch. The robbers managed to break open 90 lockers in the strong room.

Banks generally do not install CCTV cameras in strong rooms. The exact amount of the stolen booty is to be ascertained. The police found two rooms in the abandoned building filled with earth from the digging work. It seems that the crime took many days to plan, but was executed only on Saturday and Sunday night. The involvement of PNB staff members or customers cannot be ruled out as the exact map of the tunnel raises several suspicions.

With the heist becoming the talk of the town, curious people flocked the PNB branch to have a look at the tunnel.


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