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Girls' Toilets In All Schools by 2015: PM

AUGUST 15, 2014

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Girls' Toilets In All Schools by 2015: PM


PM Narendra Modi, in his Independence Day address from Red Fort, has resolved to build toilets in all schools, including separate toilets for girls, within one year. He has given a war cry to corporates and MPs to ensure that every school has a girls' toilet in a year's time. The lack of girls' toilets in schools had been the key agenda of the Indian government.


As per data, 84% per cent of all schools have a girls' toilet while 81% primary schools have this facility and in 91.62 % of these schools, the toilet is also functional. It is a key requirement to be met under the Right to Education Act. Even the Supreme Court has been pushing for girls' washroom as research has pointed out frequently that the lack of a separate toilet causes too many girl students to drop out.

The Annual Survey of Education Report 2013 (by PRATHAM) in January paints a heartening picture of the progress on this front. It says that since 2010, the proportion of schools with a useable toilet has risen from 47.2% in 2010 to 62.6% in 2013. The percentage of useable toilets for girls has also increased from 32.9% in 2010 to 53.3% in 2013. The report further says that in 2013, 19.3 % primary schools did not have a separate girls' toilet.

Uttar Pradesh, however, surprises on this one parameter as 97 % primary schools here have a girls' toilet, 97 % of all schools have a girls' toilet and 97.16 % of them are functional. Madhya Pradesh can do slightly better as 88 % of its schools have a girls' toilet while 92 % of them are functional.


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