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Mumbaikars Welcome A Gleaming Monorail

FEBRUARY 02, 2014

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Photo Courtesy: Ibnlive.com


The long-harassed commuters in Mumbai will now experience world-class travel with its first monorail. The show-piece project was opened to public today. On its 9 km route, it will halt at 7 stations: Wadala, Bhakti Park, Mysore Colony, BPCL, Fertiliser Township, VNP-RC Marg Junction and Chembur.


For commuters used to dirty, cramped and uncomfortable local trains and BEST buses, the monorail is like a breath of fresh air on its 9 km journey.The funky blue, pink, green cars with streaks of black and white, clean platforms and air-conditioned environs left viewers in awe. The interiors are equally striking in pastel shades with large windows offering awesome views and comfortable seating. As the monorail zooms across Mumbai, the hitherto unseen views on the landscape pop up, adding to its charm. Views of large areas with mangroves, gardens and golf courses, hillocks and lakes are a visual delight for commuters.

The project has cost Re.3,000 crore and the fare structure will be Rs.5-19. Mumbai, home to a 1.7 crore population practically moves by suburban trains, its lifeline. With the monorail and the soon-to-be-launched Metro Rail, its infrastructure wil change significantly, giving the commercial capital the international touch it has lacked.


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