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It's Not Funny !

DECEMBER 07, 2013

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In a classic case of "Doctor, Heal Thyself" wisdom, more than 10000 primary teachers in Bihar's government schools have failed a proficiency test conducted by the State Education Department recently. The proficiency test was mooted to evaluate the knowledge levels of those teaching at the primary level and the results are hilariously shocking, to say the least. The results clearly reveal the ground realities of educational quality in government schools.





Sample these responses given by some teachers posted in urban areas of the state capital Patna:



Q How do you spell Wednesday?                                                                                  

A Wenday




Q Translate into English --- "Woh Mera Khaata Hai, Tumhaara Kya Jaata Hai?"        

A He eats mine, what do your go?




Q Name the President of India.                                                                                       

A Nitish Kumar, Lalu Yadav and Manmohan Singh




Q Who is the Vice-President of India?                                                                          

A umm....ummm.... no response as I need to go to my class 



Mercifully, the teachers concerned have been issued a warning to mend their ways within a few months. They need to appear for another such test shortly, failing which will get them a dismissal order.




God save us from such teachers !




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