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Apple Sits On $ 137 Billion (Re. 7, 53, 500 Cr) Cash Pile

FEBRUARY 09, 2013

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Apple has come in for attack for its huge unused cash pile. The company is sitting on $137 billion and the heap continues to grow. Companies normally don't hoard this much. Instead, they keep enough for immediate needs, and either invest the balance in their operations or give it to shareholders as dividends orshare buybacks.



Here are some random ideas on what Apple could do with the $137 billion (Re. 7, 53, 500 Crore) treasure:

1. Give every US citizen a $437 cheque.

3. Buy Facebook, Groupon, LinkedIn, Netflix, Pandora, Blackberry, Yahoo!, Yelp, Zillow and Zyngaand still have $2 billion left.

4. Create a mountain of dollars notes 9,300 miles high.

5. Buy 100,000 luxurious apartments in Manhattan, enough to house the entire population of Omaha.

6. Finance the U.S. government bill on education for 2 years.

7. Give each Apple staffer a $17 lakh bonus.

8. Double U.S. foreign aid to the developing world for 3.5 years.

9. Give shareholders a dividend of $145 per share.



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