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Maggi Ban Lifted, More Tests Ordered

AUGUST 13, 2015

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Maggi Ban Lifted, More Tests Ordered

 Maggi Ban Lifted, More Tests Ordered

The Bombay High Court has lifted the ban on Nestle’s popular instant noodle brand Maggi. However, it has ordered some more rounds of tests before it can sell Maggi noodles again. The co has been asked to send five samples from each batch for testing to three labs.

The court opined that the ban on the popular noodles violated the "principles of natural justice". A ban was imposed on Maggi after the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and a few state food regulators had found excessive lead in Maggi packets. The Swiss co had challenged the subsequently imposed ban in the Bombay High Court.  However, countries like US, Britain and Singapore have found Maggi safe for consumption after lab tests.


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