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SpiceJet Intensifies Price War With Re. 1 Fare

APRIL 01, 2014

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SpiceJet Intensifies Price War With Re. 1 Fare


The ongoing fare war in aviation has reached a new high with SpiceJet offering air travel at a base fare of Re 1. Of course, the actual cost will be more as the traveller has to bear taxes (like airport departure taxes), fuel surcharge and other fees. For example, those travelling on the Delhi-Chennai-Delhi sector on July 4 and returning on July 9 can complete the journey in Rs 1,665.

To avail of the offer, the travellers need to book by April 3 and can travel during a 10-month period starting from July 1 this year and ending on March 28 next year. Currently, no other airline has reacted similarly to woo passengers, though it is common for most to enter the fray once once another airline has offered such promotional fares.

This is the fifth discounted sale by SpiceJet in 2014 itself. The airline had a net profit of Re. 102 crore on a total income of Re. 1,807 crore in the December quarter. The concept of Re 1 fares was first introduced by Air Deccan in 2005 but the airline eventually collapsed under debt burden and was taken over by Kingfisher Airlines in 2007.


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