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60% Indian Women Managers Halt Careers Mid-way

MARCH 09, 2014

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60% Indian Women Managers Halt Careers Mid-way



Despite all the hoopla around promoting gender equality at workplace, around 60% women drop careers mid-way in India. Most organisations do well at the entry level in hiring women, but the retention problems begin at the middle levels.


According to GlobalHunt, more than 60-70 % Indian women drop their careers mid-way due to personal and family reasons, insufficient support and space within the organisation to grow. The report further says that the fact of Indian women being in senior positions at just 14 % is worrying. This figure is well below the global average of 24%. Moreover, on average, 13 % graduates that Indian businesses hire every year are women, while the corresponding figure at the global level is 21 %.


A better gender balance helps companies improve their performance, results and market status. Some steps that the companies can adopt to bring in more women are --- maintaining a better work-life balance. grooming them for bigger projects and promotions.


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