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R.I.P. Nanda

MARCH 25, 2014

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R.I.P. Nanda

Nanda, the yesteryear Bollywood actress has passed away. She was 75 and died a natural death. Nanda was born in 1939 to a Marathi in Mumbai. Her dad, Master Vinayak was also an actor in those days. She was the great-niece of renowned 
film-maker V. Shantaram.

Her dad having died when she was just 8, the family depended on her income. She started acting as Baby Nanda and played character and 'sister' roles, which got her some recognition, especially in 'Bhabhi' and 'Chhoti Bahen'. But she is best remembered for her lead act in the 1961 all-time classic 'Hum Dono'. The movie, originally a black and white flick, was released in a colorized version recently.


She followed it up as a leading lady in many movies with 'Shor (1972) being her last one with Manoj Kumar. She made a come-back in the 80s in 'Prem Rog', 'Ahista Ahista', and 'Mazdoor'.



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