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Suchitra Sen, Cinema's Queen of Hearts, Passes Away

JANUARY 17, 2014

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Suchitra Sen, Bengali cinema's queen of hearts has passed away after suffering a heart attack. She was 82. 
Capturing public imagination with her ethereal beauty and intense performances, Suchitra Sen symbolized the golden age of Bengali cinema with memorable flicks like 'Agnipariksha', 'Devdas' and 'Saat Paake Bandha'. She had turned a loner after saying good bye to films in the late seventies and was often compared to Hollywood's Greta Garbo.




Such was her popularity that during Durga Puja, idols of Lakshmi and Saraswati were known often modelled on her face. Starting her career with Bengali film 'Shesh Kothai' in 1952, Sen went on to get a National Award for her performance in the 1955 Hindi classic 'Devdas', playing 'Paro' to Dilip Kumar's Devdas. She made an unbeatable romantic pair with Bengali cinema legend Uttam Kumar. The duo gave many memorable hits. Overall, Sen acted in 52 Bengali and 7 Hindi films. 'Champakali', 'Sarhhaad' and 'Bombay Ka Babu' and 'Mamta' were her notable Hindi films.





However, her most famous Hindi film was Aandhi by Gulzar. She earned acclaim for her role loosely based on Indira Gandhi's life. Sen quietly left the limelight and even refused the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2005, choosing not to make a public appearance. RIP


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