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Loss of Innocence: Childhood Mostly Over By 12

MARCH 06, 2013

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A new research says that in most cases, childhood is over by 12 due to a mix of Internet and the pressure to get interested in sex before they're ready.




The research commissioned by Netmums found that a quarter of the parents feel that their children become interested in sex before they maturity. Social media is another major influence with 50% of girls aged 7-13 worried over how many friends they have on Facebook.




Nearly half of parents with daughters in this age group feel that they are body conscious and under "immense pressure" to be thin. And half of parents say that their sons are under pressure to believe that physical appearance is the most important thing about someone.




The pace of modern life is snatching away many precious years of childhood during which the children should be playing for the sheer joy of it without worrying what they look like or whether they're popular. Children need time to grow and become emotionally mature so that they can cope with the uncertainties of life.


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