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Meteor Burns Up Over Russia; Walls Collapse, 2000 Injured

FEBRUARY 16, 2013

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A meteor (shooting star) in Central Russia burnt up in a blinding fireball, generating a shockwave that shattered and blew out windows and walls. Around 1,000 people were left injured, including 200 children who were bruised by the flying shards of window glass. The explosion was so powerful that its impact could be measured on the detectors designed to monitor nuclear blasts.

The space rock, weighing 10 tons, streaked at 18 km / sec across the sky over the Urals, stunning and panicking residents. The resultant shockwave shook buildings, damaged roofs and shattered windows, while extremely hot fragments rained down in parts of the Chelyabinsk region



The biggest impact left was a crater about 6 metres wide near a frozen lake in Chelyabinsk city. Later, Russian soldiers cordoned off the area.


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