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Siachen Soldiers To Enjoy Lively Bunkers

DECEMBER 23, 2012

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 Siachen Soldiers To Enjoy Lively Bunkers

The soldiers sitting in bunkers in snowy Siachen will experience sea waves, chirping of birds and the sound of winds passing through forests to break the monotony and isolation in the world's highest battlefield. To provide an "enriched environment" at isolated locations, DRDO is working on 'Project Dhruv' to develop new bunkers to tackle various psychological issues including depression.

It will help the jawans cope with the stress due to monotony and create a lively atmosphere.  DRDO has taken measures to tackle depression among soldiers, which recently had led to rising suicides and fratricides in the forces.




The agency will use state-of-art technology to equip the bunkers with the most modern amenities to ensure a better living for the jawans. The Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) has been asked to develop the necessary technology and conduct research to develop various modes of simulated environment, which will use green energy from solar and wind power units.



The shelters will have bio-digesters to dispose of human waste and will be equipped to take care of altitude sickness and breath problems faced by the troops. While the initial focus is on Army troops, it will be later extended to naval personnel who are at sea for long duration and face sea-sickness and related psychological problems.



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