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Curiosity Discovers Signs of Life On Mars

DECEMBER 04, 2012

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 Curiosity Discovers Signs of Life On Mars



Curiosity, NASA’s Mars rover, has discovered interesting clue to life that may have once existed on the Red planet. But scientists caution that it may be too early to comment.





Scientists have found carbon traces in many compounds. However, we do not yet know whether the carbon found is contamination from Earth or was delivered there by asteroids, or arose itself. The carbon, if indigenous, could be an indicator of geological or biological activity. Life needs three basic ingredients to evolve — water, energy source and carbon. Other building blocks include sulphur, oxygen, phosphorous and nitrogen.





Curiosity already has come up with evidence that its landing spot on the floor Gale Crater, was once covered in water. Minerals in the soil analysis also show chemical interaction with water. Curiosity contains an on-board chemistry lab to find possible ingredients for microbial life.




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