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Jupiter To Look Brightest, Biggest On Monday

DECEMBER 02, 2012

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 Jupiter To Look Brightest, Biggest On Monday


The Jupiter, next only to the Sun in size, will be at its biggest and brightest on Monday night, in a beautiful spectacle for sky-gazers. The planet is at its closest approach to the Earth and would look bigger and brighter than usual.





It can be seen with naked eyes an hour after the sunset in the eastern direction. It will be visible all through the night and at midnight, one can see it in the southern direction at a higher elevation



The Jupiter, with many natural satellites, will be in 'opposition' tomorrow night, i.e. directly opposite to the Sun from our view from Earth.  In this position, the planet is fully illuminated by the Sun and appears disc-like.  The last opposition of the planet occurred on October, 29, 2011 and the next will be January 6, 2014.




The minimum distance of the Jupiter from the Earth is approximately 588 million kms while its maximum distance is about 967 million kms.





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