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Airtel Launches mEducation For Cellphone Users

JANUARY 03, 2013

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  Airtel Launches mEducation For Cellphone Users


Airtel has launched its education service for mobile devices at rock-bottom charges. Called mEducation services, the service enables the customers to access courses on language skills, entrance exam preparation and career counselling from various universities and professors in the country.The cost ranges between Re.1 and Re. 2 a day, depending on the course one wants to undergo.



Airtel Launches mEducation For Cellphone Users



In many parts of the country, the access to formal education is still poor. The mobile platform has the potential to plug this gap using technology. Based on both voice (IVR) and SMS format, the courses offer interactive learning in native languages. Regular tests also help the students evaluate their progress. Besides, the user can now also access the details of the campuses and the scholarships at the press of a button.

It will help them improve their skills and self-confidence by improving their use of English, through test preparation for entrance exams or their personality. MBA aspirants can also pick a few tips to crack the CAT.


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