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Google Diwali With Android Lollipop

OCTOBER 16, 2014

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Google Diwali With Android Lollipop

Google Diwali With Android Lollipop

Google has launched its new Nexus tablet and smartphone, and also unveiling its freshened up Android software, called Lollipop. The US tech giant has also launched a streaming media player for music, movies and videos, which allows users to play games on the Android TV device.

“Lollipop” or Android 5.0 is designed to be flexible, to work on all devices and is customizable as per user needs. With the new operating system, the songs, photos, apps, and recent searches on one Android device can be immediately enjoyed on all Android devices. It gives Google and its Android partners a broader portfolio against Apple, which launched two new iPhones last month and is expected to unveil new iPads very soon.

The Nexus 6 smartphone is the newest and largest of Google handsets, and is produced by Motorola, which Google had bought in 2012. The device has a six-inch high resolution screen and a 13-megapixel camera complemented by dual front-facing stereo speakers that deliver high-fidelity sound. It also comes with a Turbo Charger to give you six hours of use with only 15 minutes of charge.

For Nexus 9, its tablet, Google has partnered with Taiwan-based HTC. The Nexus 9 tablet prices start at $399, over 70 % more than its predecessor. The Nexus products will compete against a variety of other phones and tablets that run on the free Android software, including popular devices made by Samsung Electronics.


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