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21 Weightlifters Fail Dope Test

APRIL 04, 2015

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21 Weightlifters Fail Dope Test

 21 Weightlifters Fail Dope Test

In the biggest doping scandal in recent years, 21 weightlifters have tested positive for banned substances. The players face a ban by the Indian Weightliting Federation. The weightlifters tested positive in different championships -- out-of-competition and in-competition but the maximum numbers were caught at the National Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championships held in Yamunanagar in January.

In case their 'B' sample tests also come positive, the first-time offenders could face a 5-year ban. The National Anti-Doping Agency has increased the ban period of first time dope offenders to a maximum of four years, effective from January 1, 2015. The IWF has also thought of imposing a year-long ban on Delhi, Punjab and Haryana for returning the highest number of dope cases off late. These states would not be able to send weightlifters for any competition till the end of the ban. Even the the coaches of the banned lifters would also face suspension and possibly, fines too.


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