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SC Bars Srinivisan From BCCI Polls

JANUARY 22, 2015

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SC Bars Srinivisan From BCCI Polls

 SC Bars Srinivisan From BCCI Polls

The Supreme Court, in its much-awaited verdict on the N Srinivasan case, has said that the BCCI functions are amenable to judicial review. Here are the major points in the Supreme Court 130-page verdict in the IPL spot-fixing case:

1. BCCI functions are public functions.

2. Sriniviasan's son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan and Rajasthan Royals franchise co-owner Raj Kundra are team officials.

3. Meiyappan and Kundra are involved in betting.

4. SC: BCCI is amenable to article 226 of the Constitution

5. BCCI asked to set up a report committee to examine these aspects

6. The government chose not to bring any law to check the BCCI's monopoly

7. Mudgul Committee followed all rules, proved all charges against Kundra

8. The Supreme Court doesn't need to review the Mudgal Committee findings

9. Raj Kundra was given proper hearing by the Mudgal panel, he can't complain.

10. ​Allegations of cover up against N Srinivasan not proven. ​At best, there's only a case of suspicion against Sriniasan of cover up

11. ​Srinivasan, BCCI boss and the franchise owner created a situation of conflict of interest

12. ​BCCI did not follwo the prescribed procedure during IPL probe in the spot fixing scandal

13. No BCCI administrator can maintain any commercial interests. Argument that Srinivasan had minor share in India Cements misleading since his family directly or indirectly holds much more

14. The clause that allowed N Srinivasan to own team is a true villain in this case

15. ​Can the BCCI afford to lose its credibility because of sporting frauds? asks SC

16. The game is game only if it is pristine and free from any frauds

17. Players, team officials and franchise will also be punished for misconduct.

18. ​Amendment in BCCI rules allowing Srinivasan to own IPL team is bad as conflict of interest leads to great confusion.

19. Allegations against IPL COO Sundar Raman need to be probed further

20. Independent committee to decide action against Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals.

21. Srinivasan barred from contesting BCCI polls.

22. Independent committee to decide action against CSK and Rajasthan.

23. BCCI asked  to hold fresh polls within the next six weeks

24. Srini can't contest till he gives up commercial interest in CSK.

25. Need to establish institutional integrity within BCCI

26. Huge task and great responsibility, says Justice Lodha



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