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Greek Man's "Life, Love, Everything !" On E-bay Sale

MARCH 02, 2013

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Alexandros Makris, a 28-year-old Greek man, has offered his “life” for sale on e-bay !




Except the life he has lives or the one he is yet to live, he's put up almost everything on the selling block -- his possessions as well as his relationships!


In his offer, he says, "I challenge you to buy my life - take my place in everything I am - in short, buy ME. I like challenges and anything out of the ordinary, how about you? By this point, you are wondering what it is that I am selling. EVERYTHING!"




To make it still sweeter, Makris has listed all the things that he owns and has put up for sale. These are "a house at Monastiraki Argolidos, near Nafplio in Greece. The house is my grandfather's who has bequeathed it to me by a contract, which is transferable to my buyer after his death. Comfortable, fully equipped and renovated recently, it has 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 large living room and 1 storage room. I own 2 plots of land which are connected to the house."





"I own a Golf 4 VW car, 1 Samsung TV, 1 3D digital camera, 1 Sony laptop, 1 Apple Ipad, 1 Sony PlayStation3, 1 Philips sound tower, 1 Dell netbook, 1 u-boat watch, God Father trilogy and PlayStation3 games, 1 Samsung hard disk 250gb, 1 shaving machine, 8 pairs of shoes, 12 pairs of underwear, 25 pairs of socks, 8 belts, 2 ties, 8 shirts, 4 jackets, 6 pairs of jeans, 25 t-shirts, 8 polo shirts, 10 long sleeve t-shirts, 8 pairs of trousers, 2 hats, 1 pair of sunglasses, 3 swimming trunks, 4 bath towels, 2 suitcases. For sale are also my 2 email accounts, my Facebook account, 1 mobile phone number (SIM card), 1 Nokia mobile phone, 1 Zippo lighter and even 1 pack of Marlboro Light cigarettes."



More interestingly, he's selling off all his relationships --- with parents, sister and friends.



"Besides, I am offering for sale all the relationships that I have and have created -  I am selling EVERYTHING! The relationships with family and friends will go to my buyer with contracts, thus giving him the chance to replace me completely! The relationships are with --- my  parents, my sister, 8 best friends, grandmother, grandfather and 11 aunts, uncles and 12 cousins. By buying my life, you can always visit them if you wish - as long as they want to as well."



So, in you are not happy being yourself and wish you were someone else, here's a lifetime opportunity. The starting bid is $ 500 only !


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