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Pollution Biggest Cause of Diseases In India

JANUARY 25, 2013

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Even though average lifespan of Indians is rising, it’s way shorter than an average Chinese’ or American’s, says Global Burden of Disease Study, 2010, the largest ever study on the global causes of diseases, injuries and risk factors.

The 5-year study was conducted in 50 countries, including India.While globally, high blood pressure is the single biggest cause of diseases, for Indians, it is indoor air pollution.

Image Courtesy: The Times of India



Burning solid fuels to prepare meals emits carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehyde which may cause pneumonia, asthma, blindness, lung cancer, TB and low birth weight. The pollution in rural India is 30 times higher than recommended levels and six times higher than that found in the national Capital. The other threats are diet low in fruits, high blood glucose levels, alcohol, iron deficiency, low activity and occupational injuries.



An average Chinese male lives 10 years more than an Indian male, while a Chinese woman lives 11.5 years longer than an  Indian woman. An average American lives about 13 years more than an Indian.


Lower back pain is the major cause of years lived with disability (YLD) globally. Neck pain along with depression and anemia are the top four leading causes of YLD.



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