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E-Tutoring Booms In India

DECEMBER 15, 2012

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Across India, thousands of students are shifting from conventional tuitions to online avatars that offer a winning deal to tutors and students. Online tutorials are now here to stay.




Poor broadband speeds and low internet penetration - just 10% of India's population can access the web - still limit their potential. But internet access is improving and the benefits are impossible to ignore.



Educomp Solutions - one of the country's first and largest e-tutorial providers - expanded the Vidyamandir imprint online to 22 cities. Students in these cities go to designated centres, where they study long-distance with the Delhi institute's famed teachers.




The other big advantage online tuitions offer is the cost. Unlike the infrastructure that traditional classrooms require, online tutorials need only internet connectivity.  This allows e-tutors to earn more than they could otherwise, while charging lower than what students need to pay for face-to-face classes. But the journey for the sector hasn't only been smooth. The first online tutoring firm in India was launched in 2006, by Krishnan Ganesh. TutorVista has since grown to reach 20,000 students globally. The youngest student is a 6-year-old from the US while the oldest a 65-year-old from South Korea learning English.



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