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Driver Licensing To Get Tougher

NOVEMBER 20, 2012

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The government seems to be worried over the rising number of road accidents, resulting in avoidable deaths. The real culprit in 70 % road accidents, that claim over 1.4 lakh lives annually, being the drivers, the government plans to tighten the licensing process across the country.



The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has constituted a panel to frame guidelines for the sanctioned strength of  MVIs for discharging this duty in particular. Besides issuing  learner and driving licences, the MVI is responsible for registration of vehicles, certifying their fitness, and inspecting an accident site.



The committee will examine the time required to complete each test or event the license-seekers will have to undergo and which the MIV is supposed to diligently supervise. There are about 24 tests that each aspirant undergoes, with each test lasting no more than 30 seconds.



These tests require no more than 12 minutes and thus, any MIV will not be able to assess and clear more than 30 licences a day, but right now, in some cases, the figure crosses 5,000 a day. More than one crore driving licences are issued annually in the country.



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