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India To Grow A Paltry 5% in FY 2012-13: CSO

FEBRUARY 07, 2013

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The Indian economy is expected to grow at 5 % in FY 2012-13, the lowest in a decade, due to poor performances of manufacturing, agriculture and services sectors.


The CSO estimate is a lot lower than the government projections so far.  As compared to the growth rate of 6.2 % in 2011-12, it’s a steep fall as per the advance estimates of the Central Statistical

Organization (CSO).




The latest estimates project the agriculture and related activities growth at 1.8 % in 2012-13, compared to 3.6 % in 2011-12. The manufacturing growth is also expected to drop to 1.9 % from 2.7 % last year. The services sector is likely to grow 8.6 %, as against 11.7 % last fiscal.


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