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First Strike In Singapore In 26 Years Ends in 2 Days

NOVEMBER 28, 2012

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Singapore's first strike in 26 years has ended with the bus drivers demanding higher pay resuming duty after two days of protest.


The Chinese drivers were protesting pay discrimination because their Malaysian counterparts were getting higher wages for the same work. However, SMRT says that it pays "competitive wages" and provides housing, utilities and shuttles to its Chinese drivers. But it has promised to look into the grievances.



Strikes and other industrial action are rare in Singapore, where unions work with the government and private business, to make the city an attractive place for foreign investment.




Strikes are illegal for workers in "essential services" such as transport unless they give a 14-day notice and comply with other requirements. The penalty for an illegal strike is a fine of up to Sg$2,000 ($1,636) or a maximum prison term of one year, or both.


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