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SpiceJet To Pay Re. 20000 only To Visually Impaired Man For Deficient Services

NOVEMBER 04, 2012

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 SpiceJet To Pay Re. 20000/- To Visually Impaired Man For Deficient  Services


SpiceJet has been directed by a consumer forum to pay a compensation of Rs. 22,000 to a visually-impaired man for a 4-hour delay of his Kathmandu - Delhi flight.





The Forum has said that the airline could not support its contention that the delay was due to heavy air traffic and held SpiceJet guilty of negligence and deficiency in service to Delhi resident Jaikishan Aggarwal. Mr Aggarwal had told the forum that it did not provide even adequate refreshment during the long wait at Kathmandu airport on the return trip.



The bench ordered it to pay him Rs. 20,000 as compensation and Rs. 2,000 as litigation cost. Mr Aggarwal had booked tickets for himself, his wife and other family members on September 9, 2010 for a Delhi-Kathmandu round trip. As the departure time of return flight was 10.45 am, they had arrived at the airport by 8 am, he said adding that they were initially informed that there would be a 15 minute delay in take-off, but the flight finally took-off at 3.24 pm.










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