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Ye Mera India ! Electrician, IT Engineer Paid Equally

SEPTEMBER 08, 2014

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Ye Mera India ! Electrician, IT Engineer Paid Equally


Picture this. A half-skilled electrician, perhaps Class 12 pass, earns about Rs 11,300 a month while a desktop engineer, an engineering graduate, makes about Rs 3,500 more. What's more, the engineer's salary rises by the same margin as the electrician's over time - to about Rs 19,000 in five years, and around Rs 30,000 in eight years. So in 8 years, the electrician too would be earning over Rs 26,000 a month.

These are some startling findings of the TeamLease salary primer, a comprehensive overview of the labour market. In the last 6-7 years, the monthly incomes of electricians, plumbers and welders have only risen while those of engineers, especially IT engineers, have remained almost the same. When the IT boom had begun a decade ago, engineers were in huge demand. The demand is the same now — about 4 lakh — but those trying to enter the IT sector have swelled to over 15 lakh, thereby creating a huge mismatch.



Interestingly, there are not enough electricians, welders, fitters, plumbers and electricians, which are in much more demand. With the infrastructure sector on the verge of a boom, the demand for these workers has grown exponentially.


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