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Norway Retains Top HDI Rank; Little Cheer For India

JULY 29, 2014

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Norway Retains Top HDI Rank; Little Cheer For India

Norway has maintained its top rank on the Human Development Index Report released by the UNDP for 2014. Australia also managed to keep the second spot on the list, followed by Switzerland, which has improved its rank this time.  A year after slipping off the Top 10 list, Canada is again top of charts in the UNDP human development index. The 2014 report, which monitors a country’s performance in health, education and income, puts Canada at the 8th place versus 11th last year.


Notably, in the 1990s, Canada held the top rank for many years.


1. Norway 0.944 (Steady)

2. Australia 0.933 (Steady)

3. Switzerland 0.917 (Increase 6)

4. The Netherlands 0.915 (Steady)

5. United States 0.914 (Decrease 2)

6. Germany 0.911 (Decrease 1)

7. New Zealand 0.910 (Decrease )

8. Canada 0.902 (Increase 3)

9. Singapore 0.901 (Increase 10)

10. Denmark 0.900 (Increase 5)


Some countries i.e. North Korea, Marshall Islands, Monaco, Nauru, San Marino, Somalia, South Sudan, and Tuvalu are not a part of the list mainly due to the unavailability of crucial data.



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