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One third Global

JULY 16, 2014

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One third Global

 One third Global

Almost 1/3rds of the extreme poor global population lives in India which also has the maximum under-5 deaths globally, says the UN Millennium Development Goals report. The report says that almost 60 % people who defecate in open live in India, which accounts for 17 % of all global maternal deaths. China, follows India in having the extreme poor population and is home to 13 % of them, followed by Nigeria at 9 % and Bangladesh at 5 %.

South Asia, of which India is the largest and the most populous country, does worse than other regions on most parameters. However, it has done well in school enrolment. Some good news at last as the greatest increase in youth literacy between 1990-2011 has been seen here as it rose from 60% to 80 %. The literacy among young women has grown faster than that among young men here. Interestingly, the youth literacy rates are over 97 % for both Eastern Asia and South-Eastern Asia.


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