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Rail Budget Shuns Populism, Links Fare With Fuel Price

JULY 08, 2014

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Rail Budget Shuns Populism, Links Fare With Fuel Price


Here are some highlights of the first-ever Rail Budget presented by the NDA government's Railway Minister Sadananda Gowda in the Lok Sabha:

* Indian railways to become the largest freight carrier in the world.

* Gross traffic receipts in 2013-14 at Re. 12,35,558 crore; operating ratio was 94 per cent (Out of every 100 paise it earns, it spends 94 paise).


* Rail fares to be linked to fuel price, making for frequent changes in fare.

* Railways spent Rs 41,000 crore on laying 3,700 km of new lines in last 10 years.

* Fare revision to bring in Rs.8,000 crore; Another Rs.9,000 crore needed for golden quadrilateral project.


* Food Courts to be set up at major stations.

* Railways spends 94 paisa of every rupee earned, leaving a surplus of only 6 paisa.

* On 12,500 trains, 2.3 crore passengers tarvel every day; equivalent to moving Australia's population.

* Separate housekeeping wing at 50 major stations.

* Dedicated freight corridor on Eastern and Western corridors.

* Tourist trains to link all major tourist places in the country.

* 4,000 women constables to be recruited to ensure safety of women. 17,000 RPF constables to provide safety to passengers.

* Railway University proposed for technical and non-technical study.

* Proposal for High Speed Bullet Trains on Mumbai-Ahmedabad route. Speed of important trains will be also raised.

* Diamond Quadrilateral project of high speed trains to connect all major metros.

* Improved E-ticketing system to support 7200 tickets per minute and to allow 120,000 simultaneous users

* ​Wi Fi in A1 and A category stations and in select trains.

* ​Bulk of future projects will be financed through Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode.

* Special milk transportation trains in association with Amul and National Dairy Association Board.

* Train connectivity to Char Dham.

* ​Paperless office of Indian railways in 5 years. Digital reservation charts at stations.

* ​ Ready-to-eat meals to be introduced in phased manner.

* 27 Express trains to be introduced.

* 5 Jansadharan , 5 Premium AC trains to be introduced.


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