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Windows 8.1 Phone Out

APRIL 03, 2014

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Windows 8.1 Phone Out



Microsoft has launched its latest Windows Phone 8.1, which is more personal, smarter, and a "World Record Holder!", as per the company, which announced the launch at BUILD 2014 in San Francisco. It is Microsoft's digital assistant, which works like Apple's Siri and Google Now. There is added support for integration with third-party apps but the service is only experimental and will initially work only in the US. It will be available in India by next year only.



Action Center

A much needed feature which was lacking in the earlier version. It is a single hub which can access notifications from all apps, whether pinned to the homescreen or not. It also includes battery info and shortcuts for switching between settings like Wi-Fi, Flight Mode, Bluetooth and Rotation Lock.


Word Flow Keyboard

A Swyple-like functionality through which  one can swipe alphabet over individually tapping keys.



The new Skype app is integrated with a phone dialer, making it easy to upgrade a normal call into a Skype video call with a button.


Wi-Fi Sense

The new feature connects you to a free public hotspot to save wi-fi charges. Your friends can use your internet connection at home without asking you for the password.


Storage Sense

Lets you get the best out of phone storage capacity by enabling the user to manage content on an SD card.


A new week view showing the entire week's schedule.

The Windows Phone 8.1 will be pre-installed on Nokia Lumia 930, 630 and 635. Micromax is its new device partner for Windows Phone devices in India.


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