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Gates, Buffett Top Super Rich List; Indian Billionaires Have 23, 40, 000 Cr

MARCH 02, 2014

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Gates, Buffett Top Super Rich List; Indian Billionaires Have  23, 40, 000 Cr



India has the 5th largest number of billionaires globally, with Mukesh Ambani being the richest man with a personal fortune of Re. 1, 08, 000 Crore ($18 billion), says a report. The Chinese research firm Hurun’s 2014 Global Rich List ranks Mukesh Ambani 41 on the list which is topped by Bill Gates, whose personal networth stands at Re. 4, 08, 000 ($68 billion).

Other noted Indians on the list are Lakshmi Mittal, ranked 49 with a personal net worth of Re. 1, 02, 000 Crore ($17 billion). Dilip Sanghvi of Sun Pharma and Wipro’s Azim Premji are both ranked 77 with a personal wealth of Re. 81, 000 Crore ($13.5 billion) each. Tata Sons’ Pallonji Mistry ranks 93 on the index with a personal wealth of Re. 72, 000 Crore ($12 billion). The combined net worth of Indians billionaires is a mind-boggling Re. 23, 40, 000 Crore ($390 billion). Mumbai alone is home to 33 Indian billionaires and ranks among top six billionaire cities globally.

On the global rich list, Gates is followed by Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett, who has a personal wealth of Re. 3, 84, 000 Crore ($ 64 billion) and Amancio Ortega of Inditex is ranked 3 with a Re. 3, 72, 000 Crore ($62 billion) fortune. The 4th position goes to Carlos Slim, the Mexican media baron, who commands a net worth of  Re. 3, 60, 000 Crore ($60 billion). The report says that during the past 4 years, the Indian rupee has weakened 12 % against the US dollar, making it more difficult for Indians to enter the list.

Interestingly, India has a higher number of super rich people than those in Germany, Switzerland, France and Japan. The USA is home to 481 billionaires, followed by China with 358. The US and China now have half of all billionaires on the Earth, adds the report.

Officially speaking, New York is ‘Billionaire Capital of the World’ as 84 billionaires live here, as per this Super Rich List. The List ranks 1,867 billionaires from 68 countries. The total wealth of all  super rich people is a jaw-dropping Re. 4, 14, 00, 000 Crore ($6.9 trillion, 1 trillion equals 1000 billions while 1 billion equals 100 crores).


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