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Nancy Huston Gets "Bad Sex In Fiction Prize" For Infrared

DECEMBER 05, 2012

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It's a prize no author would like to win ! 




The award-winning novelist Nancy Huston has won Britain's “Bad Sex in Fiction” award for her novel "Infrared," which is the tale of a photographer who takes pictures of her lovers during sex. The tale  proved “too revealing” for the judges.





The winner was announced by actress Samantha Bond during a ceremony at the Naval & Military Club in London.  The judges were struck by her description in the novel. Huston writes in both French and English, has authored a dozen plus novels, including "Plainsong" and "Fault Lines." She is only the third woman to win the Bad Sex prize to name and shame authors of "crude, tasteless and ... redundant sexual description in contemporary novels."





Previous recipients of the dubious honor, include Sebastian Faulks, the late Norman Mailer and the late John Updike, who was awarded a Bad Sex lifetime achievement award in 2008.



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