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Hilary Mantel Walks Away With Booker, First To Score A Booker Double

OCTOBER 25, 2012

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British writer Hilary Mantel has bagged the prestigious Man Booker Prize a second time for her blood-soaked saga 'Bring Up the Bodies. The panel has described the book as rewriting the rules of  historical fiction. Mantel, who took home the $ 82, 000 award in 2009 for 'Wolf Hall,' is the first British author, and the first woman, to achieve a Booker double.


'Bring Up the Bodies' is also the first sequel to win the prize. 'Wolf Hall' and this book are parts of a planned trilogy about Thomas Cromwell, the powerful and ambiguous chief minister to King Henry VIII.


Alternately thoughtful and thuggish, trying to keep his cool in a treacherous world, Mantel's Cromwell has drawn comparisons to the Mafia don at the center of the 'Godfather' saga, and Mantel's novel combines finely crafted prose with thriller touches.




Until three years ago, Mantel was a critically praised but commercially lukewarm author of novels about everything from the French Revolution ('A Place of Greater Safety') to the life of a psychic medium ('Beyond Black'). Now, the 60-year-old author is a best-selling literary sensation.




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