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Literature Nobel For Modiano

OCTOBER 09, 2014

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Literature Nobel For Modiano

 Literature Nobel For Modiano

French writer Patrick Modiano, who has written on the Nazi occupation and its effect on France, has been selected for the 2014 Nobel Prize in literature. The Swedish Academy gave $ 11 lakh honour to Modiano for his evoking the most ungraspable human destinies and uncovering the life in those days .

Nobel prize winner Modiano, 69, whose novel "Missing Person" won the Prix Goncourt in 1978 - was born in Paris months after World War II ended in Europe in 1945. Jewishness, the Nazi occupation and the loss of identity are some of the persistent themes in his novels, which include 1968's "La Place de l'Etoile". He has authored more than 40 books in French, with some of them translated into English, including "Ring of Roads: A Novel," ''Villa Triste," ''A Trace of Malice," and "Honeymoon."

Last year's nobel prize had gone to Canadian writer Alice Munro for her short stories.


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