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Modi No Longer Outcaste For Britain, Bevan Has Historic Meet With Modi

OCTOBER 25, 2012

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In a significant political move with widespread global ramifications, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi had a meeting with British High Commissioner to India, James Bevan in Ahmedabad. The meeting could signal the diplomatic rehabilitation of the controversial politician's image in the West. Diplomatic ties between the UK and Gujarat were strained after the 2002 Gujarat riots in which 3 British nationals were also killed. British officials were banned from meeting Modi.




The US still has a travel ban on him but with this lead, it could also think of softening its stand and ending his diplomatic isolation soon.




Earlier, the British government had asked its envoy James Bevan meet Modi and other senior figures to discuss a range of issues of mutual interest and explore the opportunities for closer cooperation.




Post-Godhra riots, the UK took a policy decision not to actively engage with Gujarat. Modi has not visited Britain since 2003.




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