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Obama Rips Into Romney's Blueprint in Second Presidential Debate

OCTOBER 25, 2012

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Prez Barack Obama aggressively ripped into Mitt Romney's economic blueprint in the second presidential debate, accusing him of a "one-point plan" to help the rich at the expense of the middle class "The middle class has been crushed over the last four years," Romney said in the opening moments of the debate, the second of three three weeks before Election Day.



The President was feistier than before and challenged Romney from the outset on economic and energy policies, accusing him of switching positions on coal production and declaring that his economic plan was a "sketchy deal", worthy of rejection.


The open-stage format, with no physical objects between them, placed the incumbent and the challenger face to face and, at times, directly in each other's faces.


Their encounters sparkled with energy and tension while they struggled to appear calm and affable before a national TV audience. The rivals disagreed about taxes, deficit, energy, pay equity for women and health care issues in less than the 45 minutes of the debate at Hofstra University.




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