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Historic Nagaland Peace Accord

AUGUST 06, 2015

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Historic Nagaland Peace Accord

Historic Nagaland Peace Accord

The government has signed a historic peace treaty the insurgent group Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isak-Muivah) in Nagaland. It was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, home minister Rajnath Singh, in the presence of NSCN(I-M) chief Thuingaleng Muivah along with other leaders. The Prime Minister described the peace accord as "historic" and praised NSCN(IM) leaders Muivah and Isak Swu for showing "wisdom and courage" in signing the historic agreement.


The NSCN was formed by Isak Chishi Swu, Thuingaleng Muivah and SS Khaplang in early 1980 opposing the Shillong Accord signed by the then Naga National Council with the government. The group aimed to establish a sovereign nation called Nagalim through insurgency. The NSCN and Indian government had agreed to talk and declared ceasefire on many occasions, but nothing concrete happened.

In 1988, the NSCN split into two groups — NSCN (Isak-Muivah) and NSCN (Khaplang) — over disagreements between the leaders on holding peace talks with the government.


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