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Telangana: Such A Long Wait

JUNE 02, 2014

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Telangana: Such A Long Wait


Here is a timeline of the watershed events that culminated in the birth of Telangana as a separate state:

1. 1953: States Reorganization Commission opposes the immediate merger of Telangana with Andhra Pradesh.

2. 1956: Telangana merged with Andhra to form Andhra Pradesh.

3. 1968-69: Jai Telangana Movement launched, demanding a separate state.

4. 1969-2000: Protests organized by agitators — both pro- and anti-Telangana — which often turned bloody.

5. 2001: KCR, now CM, took up the Telangana demand. He quit the Telegu Desam Party to launch the Telangana Rashtra Samithi.


6. 2004: Congress and TRS enter into a pre-poll alliance.

7. 2006: Congress and TRS parted ways when the demand for Telangana was not met.

8. 2010: Srikrishna Committee submitted its report, recommending the creation of Telangana.

9. July, 2013: Congress announces the creation of Telangana, India's 29th state.

10. June 2, 2014: Telangana born, KCR takes charge as first CM


The Telangana movement witnessed horrific violence throughout the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. In 2010, 73 students had committed suicide and 1,812 students attempted suicide, demanding a separate Telangana.




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